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Rally is the last environment for TrackMania Original. It needed to wait the full game to discover its gameplay.

Tending mainly to green countryside, the “rally” environment abounds in dirt tracks, wet asphalt roads, narrow passages, river crossings, and walls dating back to the Middle Ages enclosing turns that might be long and sweeping or short and sharp. The rally is the preferred environment for fans of speed, sliding, and controlled skids. The winding, hilly roads bordered by enormous meadows or rows of trees are rarely forgiving of driver errors.


Combining extremely powerful acceleration with an impressive top speed, the Turbo2 is a car with power that needs to be controlled, especially on the slippery courses of the rally environment.

Speed : average
Acceleration : good
Handiness : slip easily
Reversal : rather rare


It is often preferable to brake before a series of curves and negotiate each curve in a controlled skid, rather than depending on traction. Light taps on the accelerator will be enough to keep up your speed, then get your vehicle back up to full power quickly.

A word of advice: Don’t trust the apparent solidity of those walls from the Middle Ages: the guard rails along the roads would have a hard time standing up to the high speeds reached by the Turbo2.


Main Block Categories (TMUF)

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The environment Rally, ironically named by some people "soap environment", is characterized by numerous drifts. Indeed, the vehicle, named T6 and vaguely inspired from a great mass success of a french constructor, moving in a scottish type landscape with fortified castle and small villages in the middle of a verdant open country, is characterized by responsive accelerations but its steering is not satisfactory which explains the drifts it does in turns. So the vehicle is quite hard to control at first sight, making the environment quite alike Coast in Sunrise, rather destined to simulation's lovers.


Moods' list available in this environment (in its last version)

  • Sunrise : morning atmosphere with glancing light
  • Day : sunny day atmosphere
  • Sunset : evening atmosphere with headlights and lightings



Rally is more complicated to model, consequently, there are less mods for this environment than for the two others.

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