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Speed is the first environment for TrackMania Original. It was shown during the very first TrackMania beta version. It was the only environment in the first demo version.


The gameplay is particulary interesting. The car holds quite well the road. In turns, at drift limit, the car goes up on two wheels, which makes a beautiful effect, in addition of giving some indications to the driver.

The first block series was rather limited, but Nadeo added a whole series of freeride blocks, with next add-ons, especially Power-Up. This new type of maps still turn out a great success, especially since stunts have been added in TrackMania Original. The car behaviour makes stunt videos particulary interesting.


Speed : fast
Acceleration : good
Handling : rather good
Reversal : easily


Moods' list available in this environment (in its last version)

  • Sunrise : morning atmosphere with glancing light
  • Day : sunny day atmosphere
  • Sunset : evening atmosphere with headlights and lightings



Speed is easy to mod, so numerous players launched out into mod creation for this environment.

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